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          Changshu Jiangnan Weighing Apparatus Manufacture Co., Ltd., established in 1991, sits at a famous historical and cultural city - Shajiabang, Changshu, Jiangsu. The company covers an area of 15,000m2 and a staff of 150 people ...[詳細]
          Changshu City Jiangnan Weighing Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
          Address: Changshu City three village
          Phone: 0512-52451474
          Fax: 0512-52450285
          URL: www.www.87warez.com
          Postal Code: 215500
          • ICS series electronic belt
            ICS series electronic belt use For bulk material...[更多]
          • NS- hopper scales
            Features: NS- type hopper scales equipped with h...[更多]
          • PpType chemical cylinder ele
            Pp type chemical cylinder electronic platform, sa...[更多]
          • Sided display OCS-XZ1
            Integral sensor, load capacity under dynamic cond...[更多]
          • Double-sided display OCS-XZ2
            Features: Double-sided display for easy reading....[更多]
          • Wireless steel OCS-XS2
            Features: Keyboard software calibration, conveni...[更多]
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