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          Weighing dedicated cylinder
          Special anti-corrosion treatment
          Easy to clean
          Pp type chemical cylinder electronic platform, said the use of liquid chlorine, liquid ammonia, etc. row
          Industry, the amount of dedicated gas cylinder weighing electronic scales. With frame structure scale body. Not by the
          Stainless steel, carbon steel two kinds of carbon steel surface coated with a multilayer anti-corrosion coatings, anti-corrosion, Fang
          Then wash, and tidy; supporting the use of high-precision shear beam load cell and
          Intelligent weighing indicator, weighing system composed of high accuracy, stable
          This type of electronic platform scales used in chemical, water, textile printing & dyeing, pesticide
          Manufacturing and other industries weighing liquid chlorine, ammonia and other gas cylinders. Cylinder weighing platform bracket
          Cylinders can be easily rotated.

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