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          ICS series electronic belt use
          For bulk materials on a conveyor belt through a continuous automatic continuous weighing. With computer networking, centralized management. This series of products meet national performance standards, good stability, installation, calibration easily adaptable. Widely used for dynamic measurement of electricity, mining, metallurgy, building materials, coal, ports and other sectors.
          ICS-4A instrument
          Auto-zero, zero semi-automatic, electronic calibration, self-test failure, the digital correction range, RAM latched circuit.
          The appearance of small, waterproof, dustproof optional current output board, the output signal standard 0-20MA or 4-20MA
          Optional expansion board printing, output interface can be connected to parallel printer as dual digital display on the screen shows the cumulative amount, the next screen shows the instantaneous flow optional communication board for the use of the host computer communication, communication for the RS-485 standard port
          Applications and keyboard set into zero, capacity, scale factor, more than ten kinds of parameters, and easy to operate

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